How I Made Maker

Engraved + Painted Chests

I wanted to put some Christmas presents in something a bit more interesting, so I spruced up a couple of blank chests. Both chests followed pretty identical methods, so I shall just go through the RavenPuff chest process




After marking out the centre of the chest I stencilled on the “RavenPuff” text with a pencil, then engraved it with the Dremel and diamond wheel bit

Next I planned out the jagged design all around the chest, and the shield emblem on the front

I engraved out the shield

I masking taped all along one side of the jagged edge and on the opposite side of the edge on the inside of the shield, then painted this side in Canary Yellow

Then I did the same on the opposite side of the jagged line and shield, then painted on the Cobalt Blue

Some of the lines needed a bit of cleaning up, so I re-engraved/cleaned with a knife some parts where the paint had got into the engraving lines. It would have been better to paint the whole chest first and then engrave, but this paint is quite thick and gummy so it clogs up the engraving bit too much

Next I painted the inside blue. Once all the paint was dry I gave the whole chest three of coats of the Clear Coat

Finally I attached the Foam Rubber to the base of the inside with superglue. The chest with presents in was going to be transported and I didn’t want anything to get scuffed up