How I Made Maker

Engraved + wax-coloured coasters

I wanted to make gifts for some people. These gifts had to be quick enough that I could make them in a few (spread out) hours, small enough to ship to other countries, customizable for each person, and requiring enough skills to keep me interested enough to finish making them. The answer turned out to be coasters!




For this process I will just cover the silver ‘Peacemaker’ coaster, as it is the most detailed one. All the other coasters use the same steps but without the Rub n Buff or Acrylic Paint.

Firstly I sketched out the design onto a blank coaster

I then engraved this using the Dremel and 2mm Diamond Wheel bit. It’s important to make the groove deep enough so that wax trimmings can sit inside

Using the craft knife I trimmed off tiny bits of the wax crayons. These had to be the smallest bits to fit into the engraved groove, and to fill the cavity properly (and retain good colour after melting) I had to get a good amount in there. I packed the wax trimmings in with the handle end of a small file

Once these were in I gave it a quick pass with the heat gun. The wax melts instantly and slightly soaks into the wood

Any gaps can be filled with more wax trimmings and any excess can be scraped off with the craft knife, so it’s easy to fix mistakes (and there were many, these tiny wax bits get EVERYWHERE). The colours can also be mixed together like I have done with the orange flecks in the yellow. Then I filled in the rest of the pattern with wax and melted it all

I wanted to give a bit of a metallic sheen to the grey as this is meant to replicate the inside of the Peacemaker gun, so I used some Silver Leaf Rub n Buff

I liked the look of it on the grey wax but not on the wood itself, it made it look a bit dirty instead of metallic. I went over the exposed wood with silver acrylic paint instead to cover the Rub n Buff, which looked a lot nicer.

I then applied three layers of varnish over the coasters (and one layer on the back side and around the edges). This varnish is heat resistant allowing them to be used for hot drinks

I also made some Wynonna Earp themed coasters. These were painted black and the engraved text left bare as the natural colour was already a nice contrast to the black